Monday, January 19, 2015

Wireless Adapter Configuration in Open Solaris 11 for DHCP Lease

Recently I tried to use Open Solaris on my laptop at home and found that the laptop is not able to get the IP Address from DHCP Server configured in my Wireless Router (Belkin and Netgear). While if am connecting same laptop on same router via Ethernet cable everything is working fine.

After a struggle of almost 6 Hrs problem identified was so funny.
1) Problem 1 --> Wireless  adapter is not a primary interface.
2) Problem 2 --> When wireless adapter is sending a request to get the IP address it is expecting the Hostname and DNS Domain too.

Solutions to rectify problem are as.
Identify the wireless adapter interface id by using the dladm command
xyz@Laptop02:/etc$ dladm show-wifi
LINK       STATUS            ESSID               SEC    STRENGTH   MODE   SPEED
net1       connected         keekar01            wpa    excellent  n      1Mb

Create the preferred primary interface by using following command
xyz@Laptop02:/etc$ echo primary >/etc/dhcp.net1

Modify the dhcpagent configuration file at /etc/default/dhcpagent so that the request for Hostname and DNS Domain should not be sent
# By default, a parameter request list requesting a subnet mask (1),
# router (3), DNS server (6), hostname (12), DNS domain (15), broadcast
# address (28), and encapsulated vendor options (43), is sent to the DHCP
# server when the DHCP agent sends requests.  However, if desired, this
# can be changed by altering the following parameter-value pair.  The
# numbers correspond to the values defined in the IANA bootp-dhcp-parameters
# registry at the time of this writing.  Site and standard option names from
# /etc/dhcp/inittab are also accepted.
# PARAM_REQUEST_LIST=1,3,6,12,15,28,43

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do you really require vendor options 43