Monday, January 19, 2015

Aliens Space Station ! Follow-up: 33: Regarding work completion for flat 678 in Station 14

Mr Miskin and Challa Brother,

                Thanks for sharing your view and intent to my friend. I am still trying to resolve the matter in an amicable manner. Don’t think that I am not talking to you on phone means I am frightened or ashamed because what I am doing is the correct thing.
                Whatsoever you say to your existing customers about me that I turned down to pay you money is complete wrong information and propaganda. Because I never refused while you guys always  breached your commitment either agreed verbally or in written even though which is legally accepted.
You have no authority to allocate my flat to any other customer as flat was mortgaged by State Bank of India and I already paid you 98% of cost as per sales deed. If you are fair in your deals and doing the right thing, no need to beg appreciation and support,  as support will itself come. I am still asking if you are interested to settle it amicability, justify your demand of spare money and don’t extort common man.  If any one of you have guts and balls answer my queries.  I'm ready to talk to you about it. Either I am not interested to waste my money, health and words just in unless conversation.  Enclosed my questions once again.

1.      Why ACs were not present in the flat as per agreement?
2.     What is remaining amount I have to pay now and Why?
3.     Why Aliens Group offered me to refund when I was interested to take possession?
4.     Why key handover to my brother has been refused?
5.     Why Aliens group is afraid to respond to emails or on  any written documents?


Mr Miskin,       

You trying to manipulate the conversation. I explicitly mentioned that all the losses. I am want to  recover all the losses of mine due to investment in Aliens project which is currently   ₹ 9,434,305.11 /- .

                Please let me know by what means and mode you are going to transfer the money. Option was always with you not me. During last meeting I explicitly mentioned that it's a last opportunity to you guys.
                  Let me know what's your management call ?  If you guys are interested to handover the flat then what's a remaining amount I have to pay now and why ?
One More Cursing Customer
From: customercare []
Sent: Friday, 21 February 2014 1:10 AM
To: Mukesh Kesharwani
Subject: RE: #153963 - Follow-up: 30: Regarding work completion for flat 678

Dear Sir,

Greetings !!!

As per our telecom on flat handover would like reiterate that without the clearance of the due amount in the flat cost it wouldn't be possible  to go ahead with the further process of handover.

And also request you to confirm your interest in our project, if your not comfortable or convinced with the product, then do let us know, we are ready to pay back the amount paid by you with bank interest rate.

Customer Care
Aliens Group

From: Mukesh Kesharwani []
Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:15 AM
To: namrata; Hari Challa; Venkat
Cc: customercare;;; Ashok Kumar N; 'Dumpala Jagadeswar Rao'; 'Tejinder Singh'; 'Bhajan Deep Singh'; 'Sivaram Aluri';;; 'Arun Yadav'; 'kamlesh khandelwal'; 'Rajesh Kesharwani'; SIRISHACHITTURI; 'Shawn Kum';; RAVI BATTULA;; Gulab Chand Vaish
Subject: RE: #153963 - Follow-up: 30: Regarding work completion for flat 678
                This is my 30th follow-up email; even after repeated follow-up and some of the most ridiculous excuses it has been proven that you guys are not able to give possession of my flat. If you have even though slight ethics and shame, please respond to my queries which are enclosed below.
1.)    Namrata when you explicitly mentioned that apart from you no one is going to ask for money, why any tom, dick and, harry from your organisation are discussing about payments and to my brother.
2.)    Why it key handover to my brother has been refused?
3.)    Why AC's were not present in the flat as per sales agreement?
4.)    What is remaining amount I have to pay now,  as per the meeting discussion and  Venkat your's commitment? Please refer the highlighted text in enclosed below email communications.

Scroll Down and observe the highlights in green and Purple.

Among one of the cursing customer.

Mukesh Kesharwani

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