Monday, January 19, 2015

Aliens Space Station !!!!!!! Dream of Dream Home turned to be my Nightmare !!!!!!!!

Mr Challa Brothers,  

                I am not interested in any further discussion from my end, however, if you are interested to discuss any other matter please feel free to give me call.   I need possession of my flat for which more than 98% of the money is already paid to you.  Regarding the loss payout it was an option given by you, not by me.  Please let me know by when I am going to get possession of my flat within 48 Hrs of receiving this email  with a complete description of what is required to get the possession of my flat including registry (As asked on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:15 AM email)
Email and never received and response from you guys). Either as I explained in my notification letter, I am free to take all the actions against you, which include and not limited to.

1.)   Filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in all the major bank to notify and request them that we (Customers are stopping their EMI and Interest against the loan issued by them for  flat purchased,
2.) Filing a PIL and request to Indian IT (revenue department) that we are not liable for any service tax as we are a victim of cheating conducted by the directors and management of the Aliens group of companies.
3.)   Conduct a campaign about the activities and fraudulent and illegal way of extracting money from customers in the media to make other people aware about what to expect from Aliens.
4.)    Filing a case in court against the directors for consumer rights and dispute resolution.

No more regards
Mukesh Kesharwani

From: customercare []
Sent: Monday, 3 March 2014 4:42 PM
To: Mukesh Kesharwani; namrata; Hari Challa; Venkat
Cc:;; 'Dumpala Jagadeswar Rao'; 'Pradeep Reddy'; Tejinder Singh ; Bhajan Deep Singh ;; 'Sivaram Aluri';;; Arun Yadav ;; 'Rajesh Kesharwani'; RAVI BATTULA;; Gulab Chand Vaish ;; SIRISHACHITTURI
Subject: RE: #153963 - Follow-up: 32: Regarding work completion for flat 678

Dear Mukesh.

Greeting from aliens group !

We can provide you the interest only to you please let us know.

Please call us back for further discussion.

Customer Care
Aliens Group

From: Mukesh Kesharwani []
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 1:03 AM
To: customercare; namrata; Hari Challa; Venkat
Cc: customercare;;; 'Dumpala Jagadeswar Rao'; 'Pradeep Reddy'; Tejinder Singh ; Bhajan Deep Singh ;; 'Sivaram Aluri';;; Arun Yadav ;; 'Rajesh Kesharwani'; RAVI BATTULA;; Gulab Chand Vaish ;; SIRISHACHITTURI
Subject: RE: #153963 - Follow-up: 32: Regarding work completion for flat 678
      Post this email and your call on same day, never heard back ?  Let me know your decision so that I can take next step.


From: Mukesh Kesharwani []
Sent: Friday, 21 February 2014 6:29 AM
To: 'customercare'; 'namrata'; 'Hari Challa'; Venkat (
Cc: 'customercare' (; ''; ''; 'Dumpala Jagadeswar Rao' (; 'Pradeep Reddy'; Tejinder Singh (; Bhajan Deep Singh (; ''; 'Sivaram Aluri'; '' (; '' (; Arun Yadav (; kamlesh khandelwal <> (; 'Rajesh Kesharwani (';;; Gulab Chand Vaish (;; Gopal K <> (
Subject: RE: #153963 - Follow-up: 31: Regarding work completion for flat 678

Mr Miskin,
       You trying to manipulate the conversation. I explicitly mentioned that all the losses. I am want to  recover all the losses of mine due to investment in Aliens project which is currently   ₹ 9,434,305.11 /- .
                Please let me know by what means and mode you are going to transfer the money. Option was always with you not me. During last meeting I explicitly mentioned that it's a last opportunity to you guys.

Let me know what's your management call ?  If you guys are interested to handover the flat then what's a remaining amount I have to pay now and why ?

One More Cursing Customer

Calculation of my losses due to Aliens

From: customercare []
Sent: Friday, 21 February 2014 1:10 AM
To: Mukesh Kesharwani
Subject: RE: #153963 - Follow-up: 30: Regarding work completion for flat 678

Dear Sir,

Greetings !!!

As per our telecom on flat handover would like reiterate that without the clearance of the due amount in the flat cost it wouldn't be possible  to go ahead with the further process of handover.

And also request you to confirm your interest in our project, if your not comfortable or convinced with the product, then do let us know, we are ready to pay back the amount paid by you with bank interest rate.

Customer Care
Aliens Group

From: Mukesh Kesharwani []
Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:15 AM
To: namrata; Hari Challa; Venkat
Cc: customercare;;; Ashok Kumar N; 'Dumpala Jagadeswar Rao'; 'Tejinder Singh'; 'Bhajan Deep Singh'; 'Sivaram Aluri';;; 'Arun Yadav'; 'kamlesh khandelwal'; 'Rajesh Kesharwani'; SIRISHACHITTURI; 'Shawn Kum';; RAVI BATTULA;; Gulab Chand Vaish
Subject: RE: #153963 - Follow-up: 30: Regarding work completion for flat 678
                This is my 30th follow-up email; even after repeated follow-up and some of the most ridiculous excuses it has been proven that you guys are not able to give possession of my flat. If you have even though slight ethics and shame, please respond to my queries which are enclosed below.
1.)    Namrata when you explicitly mentioned that apart from you no one is going to ask for money, why any tom, dick and, harry from your organisation are discussing about payments and to my brother.
2.)    Why it key handover to my brother has been refused?
3.)    Why AC's were not present in the flat as per sales agreement?
4.)    What is remaining amount I have to pay now,  as per the meeting discussion and  Venkat your's commitment? Please refer the highlighted text in enclosed below email communications.

Scroll Down and observe the highlights in green and Purple.

Among one of the cursing customer.

Mukesh Kesharwani


alok said...

Total no. of Consumer cases against Aliens till Nov 17th 2014: 269
Consumer Forum
No. of Cases
How to verify
National Commission
i. Go to:
ii. select "NCDRC" and start Date : Jan 01 2008 and end date : today , Respondent = "Aliens" and search
State Commission
(Andhra Pradesh – Cases prior to Jan 012013)
i. Go to:
ii. select "state Commission" and " Andhra Pradesh" and start Date : Jan 01 2008 and end date : today , Respondent = "Aliens" and search
State Commission
(Andhra Pradesh – Cases after to Jan 01 2013)
i. Go to:
ii. select "state Commission" and " Telangana" and start Date : Jan 01 2008 and end date : today , Respondent = "Aliens" and search
District Forum
i. Go to:
ii. select "District Forum", “Telangana”, “Hyderabad-II” and start Date : Jan 01 2008 and end date : today , Respondent = "Aliens" and search

alok said...

An Fir is already registered against Aliens group under section 420 and few owners did agitation in media which was published in following newspapers.

The video of agitation against Aliens Developer can be found here:

Software engineers dharna at Indira park | Studioâ?¦:

Also, there is a Facebook page where all the harassed customers of Aliens group post their experience with supporting proofs.

alok said...

Please don't believe on fancy photos and look for ground reality. Aliens has been building Space station 1 in Tellapur since 2007 and still not even 10% project is
completed after 7 years. So think 1000 times and talk to the people who are suffering. You may visit to the site but don't believe on what these fraudsters say
otherwise you yourself will be to blamed for falling into this trap. Its not about 100 or 1000 rupees but lacks of rupees you are going to invest so do proper investigation
and talk to all the Banks and ask why they are not issuing loan or disbursing amount for the sanctioned loan previously and try to get the numbers of other owners from Aliens(I'm sure they won't give) and talk to them.

The fact is they have diverted the money collected for this project to gain some benefit and now stopped the project and seeking extra money on top of "Agreement of sale", from the existing owners. This extra money amounts to
around 30% of the flat cost. Without paying this they are not going to handover the flat. This is total blackmailing. Moreover, if you want to cancel the flat, both your flat and money will be gone as they don't' return money
and on many occasions when they were forced to issue cheques, they all bounced and people had no other option than to go to consumer court. There are many consumer cases are running in Hyderabad. You can search for this on internet and talk to the people directly.

So, please don't fall into this trap without proper investigation and don't believe on what they say as its their strategy to take money from new owners at higher per sft price and resale the same flat(Yes, this is true they resale the same flat multiple times) and when
the original owner gets to know he can goes to consumer court but that is a pain as the case will run for years and for that time they can enjoy both the original owner's and the new owner's amount.

alok said...

There are around 2000 families who are victim of fraud of Aliens developer, Hyderabad. Here are our common problems:

1.) Their project is at standstill and we are paying high loan EMI + house rent.

2.) There are only about 2-3 % flats which are complete in past 8 years(The project started in 2006) and whichever flat is complete the builder is asking 40-50% more money than what was agreed in agreement of sale. Moreover, the builder has confirmed that everybody has to pay the extra money which is illegal.

3.) There are many consumer and criminal cases already in Hyderabad and national commission but Aliens never bothers about that because our legal system is so slow that people become frustrated and even if the judgement comes, we get mere 12% interest on the money spent while the property cost gets doubled in that time frame. So this is no worry for them and they can drag the case forever.

4.) Whoever has bought flat in Aliens is in deep trauma as their hard-earned money is at stake.

alok said...

Suggestions To All prospective customers who may fall prey to Aliens group’s fraud:

1.) Don’t be in rush to buy after you are lured by handful of flats they could finish in 9 years rather enquire with GHMC as to when they started this project and then use your brain to extrapolate as to how many more years it will take for them to finish complete project.
2.) Visit state/national consumer forum to know yourself as to how many cases are running against them.
3.) Try to talk to as many as existing customers you could to get an idea of intensity of this scam.
4.) Visit all the bankers and not just one you decide to get loan from and get to know why most of the banks have stopped loan to Aliens
5.) Visit RC puram police station near BHEL and check the FIR against them and the number of people in that FIR.
6.) If you have any relative or acquaintances in any media house check with him.
7.) Talk to land owners whose case is in Arbitration against Aliens.
8.) Do search with keywords like “Aliens fraud” Or “Aliens scam” etc on Google to be able to visit various pages/ blogs where harrashed customers have posted their cases.
9.) Try to get contacts of ex employees of Aliens to know the real picture and the reason they left Aliens.

I don’t want to enforce my views on anybody but idea is to help everyone research and find out the truth on his own.

alok said...

Listen, Aliens employee caught on tape justifying their unlawful demands to extort more money than agreed from the customers.

alok said...

Another Aliens Employee Mohammad caught on tape justifying Aliens groups illegal demands.

alok said...

Recently published article in Times of India on 12th march 2015 showing NRIs are also cheated by Aliens.

alok said...

Total no. of Consumer cases against Aliens Group, Hyderabad till 6th Feb, 2015: 315

How to check:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select one of the following options

1.) Select NCDRC(National Commission) radio button - 32 cases
2.) Select State Commission radio button and then select 'Andhra Pradesh' state - 125 cases
3.) Select State Commission radio button and then select 'Telangana' state) - 156 cases
4.) Select District Forum radio button and then select 'Telangana' state with 'Hyderabad-II' district - 2 cases.

Step 3: Enter following details

1.) Start date - Jan 01 2005
2.) End date - Today's date
3.) Respondent - 'Aliens'

alok said...

Finally the fraudster MD Hari Challa of Aliens group is arrested. Hope he get stringent punishment for cheating so many customers.

Antoney Vincent said...

I booked a flat in Aliens SS1 in 2010 January.

With a bank loan of 41 lacs approved and with a down payment of 8 lacs from my end, I was given a delivery timeline of Nov 2011 initially.
I also got the flat registered in 2011 basis guidance from Aliens employees.

Nov 2011 passed without a call, mail, After 2012 ended, and with delivery not in sight, the regular monthly progress updates from Aliens vanished slowly. All this while I am still paying 43000 EMI per month.

After a while, inspite of making 100's of phone calls, the employees stopped picking up calls, to direct number or to landlines.
Sometime in 2014, I got a surprise call and mail from Aliens................they asked me to cough up 30 lacs more (51 lacs was initial flat cost, now they asked me close to 80 lacs)
Reason? - They have beautified front porch, made it a personalized area, did some fancy things to the lift and lobby (which does not even exist till now)
Again to remind all, I am still paying 43000 EMI each month for something that does not exist!
All this for a flat that did not even exist at basement construction level as of 2015!

Next steps - I contacted a lawyer, slapped case in consumer court, and filed FIR
No response from these shameless and frauds yet who simply duped nearly 500 customers so far and duping more by the days, without so much as a burp!

I don't think this group has any credibility or willingness to do a clean business. They have handed 15 flats so far, compared to 2000 promised and advertised, that too after 6 years. There is no way they intend t complete this project, so pls be cautious and don't jeopardize your hard earned money.

Antoney Vincent

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