Monday, January 19, 2015

Aliens : FW: *** Payment of service tax related to your flat reg...

Hi Murali,
                I didn’t received any response from you yet.  As is mentioned you in my previous email that I already filed a case in consumer court like to inform you that my Case number is 93 of 2014.

Considering this fact that the case in court the service tax liability is distributed between us based on the work carried out in my flat on each financial year.  And as I responded to you,  I am ready to pay those taxes to revenue department,  once service is delivered to me. So please provide me the details of work and it’s cost besides period of undertaking with necessary backup papers related to said services/work.

Please feel free to me call me if you need any other clarifications.

Mukesh Kesharwani 
Cell: 0449840900

Mr Murali,
                Thanks for sending an email to me related to service tax. But as far as my knowledge is concern “Service Tax is a tax imposed by Government of India on services provided in India. The service provider collects the tax and pays the same to the government. It is charged on all services except the services in the negative list of services. The current rate is 12.36% on gross value of the service.”

While in my case “Aliens Group Failed to provide Services which they promised in the Sales deed for which Case is already in Consumer Court” hence I am neither liable to pay a service tax nor liable to pay interest on those till the time service is provided to me i.e. handover, possession and registry  of my flat to me.

Letter to Assistant commissioner of revenue department is already gone from my end dated 18/02/2014 for which I am having acknowledgement too.  I will pay the tax on service provided to once service is provided not before. All the additional cost like fines and interest is Aliens Group accountability.

Hope being a consumer you can also understand that service tax cannot be imposed on victim of fraud and cheating,  which I feel I am right now.

Mukesh Kesharwani

From: Murali M. []
Sent: Sunday, 25 May 2014 12:03 AM
Cc: P Pandu Ranga Rao
Subject: *** Payment of service tax related to your flat reg...

Dear sir/madam,
This is to bring to your kind notice that service tax amount of your flat is pending, So we request you to please pay the amount , As we received Notice from Service tax department saying that Delay in payment may applicable 18% interest Due date 15/06/2014

Murali. M & Pandu ranga rao
9966234409 - 9966234414
For flat status contactsheri       - 9966234007
                                    Sundeep    - 9966234134
                                    Kalyan            - 9966234874.

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