Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why IPv6 ...?

The next Gen Internet Protocol to build better, flexible networks and new applications. It's now a mature, stable protocol defined by IETF RFC 2460 in Dec 1998. It's look more like IPC/SPX protocol of Novell for me. I am trying to collect pros and cons to move on to next Gen IP.

  1. Study conducted by NIST, RTI International and NTIA says that IPV6 is expected to return $10 for each dollar invested.
  2. Support jumbo datagram packet of 4GB soon be 32 GB (with 100G ethernet) as compare to 64KB in IPv4. (Means Storage on IP like FCOE on fly encryption is possible)
  3. Dramatically increase address space of 128 bits vs 32 bits in IPV4 which allow for 340x10^36 unique addresses.
  4. Mandated security with support for IPSec encryption build in.
  5. Improved peers discovery (router and hosts) with ability to auto-configure both client and server. Means driving simplicity.
  6. Enhance mobility with mobile IPv6.
  7. Enhance multicast capabilities including scope management.
  8. QoS enhancement for better audio and video traffic in real time.
  9. Flow label specification, increases effeciency of network utilization from 27% to 81%.
  10. Reserved space with datagram for devlopment and research.
  11. Restoration of the end-to-end model for internet.

That's what I collected so far. Will keep on updating as sson as I will get more points.

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