Friday, February 25, 2011

First Blog of 2011 from the ashes of Old Archive of 2002

I started using my old dairies as a rough note book. Somehow a small note (Could be extract from some article in books) immediately got my attention. Although note was captured by me on 23rd Jan 2002 but somehow it was not in my mind. It's quite interesting article which says

If you plan and want to get something done give it to very busy person.

(Golden lesson to be a good manager). Ya it is quite weird but it's effective because more you plan to do more you can get done since you are taking advantage of Parkinson's Law. Law state that

"In part project tends to expand with the time allocated for it"

Just think if you have one task to do in a day it will take entire day to complete that task. If you have three task to do in a day you will finish off all three; and if you have 12 task to do in a day you might be not able to get all 12 done but probably able to finish off 9 tasks.

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