Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Crib, We Cry but Why? (Part 2)

In 2009 when I wrote about my experience with BSNL and RTI influence on problem correction it was much appreciated.  Since 2008 I am struggling with my PF (Provident Fund Consolidation issue). Filed an RTI in 2009 and at last got a reply in 2010 almost after a year. But there is some action happened and even though I got some good and some bad replies from different regional PF Departments.  Found that the Regional EPF Hyderabad is very efficient and proactive. But there are certain regional offices like of Gurgaon they didn’t even though acknowledged my query.  But any how I am fighting that battle.  Also observed that the big corporate houses payroll and PF department are much lousy than the Gov. Institutions.  In my case some of the findings are quite shocking and employer are not ready to take the responsibilities of fiasco done by them. 
Enclosing the step by step procedure with some of the templates to get the information from the EPF (Employee Provident Fund) departments.
The key to success is you should know your PF Account Number. Although some initiative started by Gov. To have universal NSSN number which will be the primary key for all PF accounts but that is history and is of no use now.  PF Account number of employees has 4 segments separated by “/” like MH/BAN/xxxx/xxxx or HR/GGN/xxxx/xxxx. Here initial two alphabets represent the State in which account was initially created followed by region three alphabet characters like in this case Bandra and Gurgaon then followed by organization ID  and Followed by employee ID.   If any of the characters are missing please verify if employer is providing all and correct information. If your PF is held by Trust then case is different.

Step 1:- Raise a query (now online is also possible) with regional PF IO to provide you the requested information. On EPF department site you can see the tab labelled as register Grievance. ( Note down the register grievance number
You can raise a query for your account statement; status of transfer request, status of withdraws request and many more.
Step 2:- Wait for 30 days so that RO can respond you on your queries. If you are not satisfied by answer or resolution or even though if you didn’t get any response send a reminder or clarification notice on the registered query. You can check the status of queries by using the View Status tab on main portal. (
Step 3:- Again wait for 15 day after submitting the reminder.
Step 4:- Raise a RTI Request @ Once online complaint or appeal is filed now you have to collect all the arti-facts in print and duly signed by you.  Documents required to file a RTI are enclosed below.
  • 1.      The signed printed copy of complaint form submitted above.
  • 2.      The Postal Order of Rs10/- in favour of  (Office of Provident Fund Commissioner, New Delhi)
  • 3.      Copies of all the communication and responses received by Regional Provident Fund offices.
  • 4.      A written application to PF Commissioner Template enclosed in this article.   
      Note: Please sign all the documents even though if it’s a printed copy of your mails.

Step 5:- Send it via Speed Post (No Courier) to
Office of Provident Fund Commissioner,
Employees Provident Fund Organisation,
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
14, Bhikaiji Cama Place,
New Delhi – 110 066.

Step 6:- Update the speed post tracking ID details in your registered grievance.
Step 7:- Wait for 30 more days. (Mine 70 % issues are already addressed 30% is pending for which I am still in this step.  If there is further steps I am going to update the blog either it’s a closure)

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