Monday, April 26, 2010

Disabling a Camera and Video recorders from Blackberry Bold

Since from last few days we were struggling to disable the BBB Camera feature. searched lot's of forum and discussion board. Most of forum is talking about using a enterprise service. But what if your organization BB enterprise management team will work like a Gov agencies. When it’s too beurocatic that it will take 3-4 months to have this feature disabled via enterprise server. But still being a good corporate citizen and setting up an example you are interested to have this disabled.
Yes you will get suggestion like put a drop of epoxy on lenses, physically remove the camera lenses etc. But if you are taking such steps your device warranty will void. After doing a small research for three days got and easy and affordable way to disable the camera. Yes use following three command and your device camera and video recorders will be out. But remember if any user is doing the software upgrade by connecting a device on computer then you have to repeat these three steps again.

JAVALOADER -u Erase -f net_rim_bb_camera.cod

After shooting this command your device will reboot. Once it's up and running; shoot following command and then repeat the step for third time.

JAVALOADER -u Erase -f net_rim_bb_videorecorder.cod

JAVALOADER -u Erase -f net_rim_bb_mediarecorder.cod

Now be happy camera and video recorder features are disabling. javaloader is the command you can get it from BB Java Developer Tool.

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where do I need to shoot the commands ?