Monday, November 02, 2009

In search of Perfection

I know topic title looks strange, But since from few day I was just struggling with this word call perfection. Recently in TOI there is article about the 5 year old kids working out hard in Gym to get the perfect body. In TV Channels there is program called perfect Bride and definitely lots of young girls are working out to get the perfect figure.

Suddenly entire country is interested in achieving perfection! Why people are so much obsessed with this term?

Does these days’ perfection matters that much in our life?

What if we are not going to get the perfection?

Yes these sorts of questions and thought scares me!!

Because by parents are searching for perfect match for me. In my office some of colleague believes that I need everything to be perfect, If I am working out for Hrs in Gym friends think that I am trying to get the perfect body. Uff what if I fail to have everything perfect!!! Although personally I always say and believe that if God is not able to achieve perfection then who am I?

Just think if everything will be perfect then world will not be that beautiful, actually this imperfection makes things and creature beautiful! I know some of you are thinking I am again gone mad.

Just think women without curves, Earth without mountains and terrains (Perfect Flat). Do you still call it beautiful? Certainly I am not.

If you consider the ancient India we are least obsessed with perfection; most lovely and beautiful Hindu God (Ganesha) body is not sculptured with perfection, all the romantic stories from Kalidas poetry highlights imperfection as beauty. Then why suddenly country is so obsessed with perfection (Perfect Six Pack, Perfect Zero Figure, Perfect Match, and Perfect Partner). Frankly speaking we should stop using this word called perfect. Because perfect six pack has imperfection which makes it look good, Perfect zero figure has imperfection of curves which make women beautiful. And if there is perfect partner then life would be so dull (No Mirch Masala in life). I don’t think that anyone think that god is incapable to create perfection, Still he create a imperfection because these imperfection complement each other, Like Mountain Complement oceans, turf complement terrains & final result we leave in beautiful world.

So start achieving excellence leave perfection for god. Because achieving excellence is my business perfection is of God’s.


Mayank said...

There is nothing perfect in this world because perfect is divine, now that would call for driving oneself's divine.

Whitelight said...

Mukesh, Myank

Interestedting comments. Lets twist this a bit... "Everything is Perfect in this world"

The word perfect brings up nothing but our fears and complexes... What is perfect for me is not for you....

And thats perfect!! :-)