Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Decisive Dilemma

Some time very silly things itch you a lot. Its not an that much big problem but still you will feel it . That happened to me today . I am in great turmoil and not able to decide what I have to do. One side I have an colleague/friend and other side I have my ethics ideology and my word to fairly known person. Whom should I support . Concern or issue is very materlistic and not having that much sense . But friend said some words which really stressed me too much to think . One side I have a friend who feel and also tell me what all he didn't like in me its very rare to get such friend (specially for me ) approx 80% of society pampers you directly or indirectly. I am just scared that if I will take my decision as per myself he feel hurt or indirectly I am going to spoil my relationship with him. I am in state of perplexity as I have choice between equally unfavorable options.

Although I know my friend is very dice and too much confused and because of that he never owe by his words which I definitely didn't liked. But should I also do same thing for him with others ? Could I do things which I didn't liked ? Then whats the difference between him and me ? I was just thinking all these scrap since from last 4 hrs. But after putting above 6 lines on paper I am more clear and out from my dilemma .

Its really help a person if u write it down in neat an clean paper. Because thoughts are frequently come in your mind and override earlier thought. But if its on paper your analytical brain is able to tell you what's wrong and what's right. So I decided to owe by my words, without fearing abt friend and a relationship with him. Because if he is friend of mine then he is able to understand me and if its not like that then he is not friend of mine he is just an opportunist so why should I bother abt him. And definitely it give lesson to him too; and he could be more aware in future abt such things.

Bye the way why I published it because I fell its very small and common thing (every one face such situation once every month) but certainly its create more stress for a person in his day to day life. Such thing worked for me . But it took lot of time to remove instance and person name from article. Hopefully you are also going to try such solution. Don't forgot to post comment of yours abt my decision. I am looking forward for your help too. I already decided but yes your feedback will be helpful for me in future.

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