Friday, June 10, 2005


This article I am publishing very late. Although I tried to publish earlier. But because of some problem I am not able to do so. This is related to my travel to Switzerland. Zurich an important journey of my life might be a milestone. I will keep on incrementing some of my thoughts in this article.

I started my Journey on 12 th of April 2005 for Zurich my flight is scheduled for Munich at early morning I am not able to recall the exact time for the same. So we all decided (me my brother and one of my friend Rajesh Jain) that we will spend some time at theater and we all watch Movie at center stage (Its in Noida Atta Market) because its very difficult for me to get waked up so early so its better that we will not sleep to catch my flight. Hence we all watched movie so called LUCKY- No time for Love. Movie is very beautifully picturised all the locations where its pictures is also quite attractive. But unfortunately we r able to manage last three tickets of that movie. (Ah how lucky I am). And it’s on first row J. This is the first time I am experiencing the Cinema from front Row. Jain and me laughed that what a movie because at the startup (Text on screen) when we tried to cover right hand left hand is skipped and when we tried to cover right hand left hand is skipped. The complete movie costs us approx 250 bugs per person. Hence I am thinking at that moment what a stupidity is that because after spending almost 1000 bugs still we have watch movie like tennis play (By keep on rotating my head left and right.). What a co incidence that at my earlier visit to US again we three watched movie at that time its Rajesh Jain his wife and of course me it’s quite a heavy rainy day and we went to watch movie because we already purchased an tickets for that so decided that we will go to movie by Riksha (Man driven Three tire cycle having sitting capacity of two person excluding rikshaw driver).

After movie we went back to my home and a light chat between us. Then we all reached at airport. That’s the first time when I have seen water in my younger brother eyes due to emotions. I don’t know what’s in his mind at that time but it’s really an ever-memorable time for me.

Most of the things I forgot till date but still trying to recollect all the beautiful observations that I am able to made. There is one instance in COOP (an retail chain in Switzerland) after collecting all of the e items, which I needed for a week I was in a queue. Suddenly I observer some lady having trouble in both legs is also standing in a queue. Queue is of almost 3 to 4 people, I thought that I should give her a preference because might be she is in pain (I am able to feel that pain because just three months before I also had an accident). I am not able to understand their language neither able to explain any thing to them .So I requested her that she can go first (all facial and body expressions), But suddenly what I observed that she says “NO NO OK”, and after a short interval “MERCY” that’s what I am able to understand. So that’s the sprit in her. Initially I thought that she is telling me “don’t get mercy on me” because her voice is very loud.

I feel that I am doing some thing wrong. But later on get to know that mercy means thanks in French. In that small conversation I understood with her facial expression that “I am ok in how and where I am” Its Ur kindness but I didn’t need Ur help? Don’t feel pretty abt me. That’s a really courageous effort. Then after that instance I thought why our people r always looking for help, why we cant do our things our self’s.

There is another instance that I had today i.e. on 9th June 2005 and I recollected it too. But currently I forgot. I will let u know about this later on.

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