Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Part 2 Journeys of March 2005

In March itself some more interesting Journey's I had one is from 12th March to 15th March. On my last return journey from Bhopal I met one advocate with other travel mate. All travel mates are having different occupation one is from Bombay a businessman going to H.P. to take call for moving his production unit to himanchal pradesh. One is advocate coming to Delhi for a university case. One is in hospitality business working for Unitech and of course me in IT field. In this journey most of us are technocrats some are using technology.
Interesting this advocate is once again my travel mate just after 4 days when I am travelling from Delhi to Bhopal. It’s a very rare co-incident which will be happening in our life.
In this journeys our discussion start with the expectance and performance of Indian Cricket Team. One of them is saying that this time Indian team will win the match and series too because Indian team is best. I have on the contrary other view; Indian team is not best but the players of Indian team are best, Who never play for team. Every one is playing individually. That’s true because we Indian when in country like to maintain our individuality not only in sports but its every where that’s why in every field Indians (countrymen) are the best and leaders but not the India (country). Could we survive with this attitude? Also these days what I feel is that Indians are like “Zeros” 0 who does not having any recognition itself; but if they will be after some number they will add a huge value. But why this number which has to be followed is not among us like Gandhi ???
Can any one help me to find the reason why such kind of thinking comes in my mind.

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kurt said...

Hey I fully agree with your this thought, Indians are zero . Beautiful crafted lan.
Just like to tell you that someone from Finland is also reading your blog.