Thursday, March 10, 2005

Journeys of March 2005

This month is very hectic for me almost every week I am traveling to different part of India. This Traveling starts from 17th Feb 2005 onwards. First to and fro to Mumbai where I met and stayed with some of my old friends. Then frequent two visit for Bhopal.In every journey I had an interesting discussions with all of my travel mates. Most of the discussion is for our nation. I write almost all these experiences in my diary earlier but this time I decided to publish all those moments on blogs.

Our journey to Bhopal starts at 9.00 PM dot via “Shan e Bhopal” i.e. Bhopal Express which is among first in India who received ISO 9000. As soon as I enter in my coach on my birth there is one respectable Sardar Ji who itself initiated the intro with me. Later I get to know that he is retired Col and presently serving Nation as director and principle of “ Maharishi Institute of Management” why I am saying serving nation because he is feeding the knowledge hungry youth with his knowledge and experiences. Slowly some other people also joined One gentle man of approx 45 years named Sanjay Bhatnagar interior designer working for some of the big government projects and Mr. Parvej Sharif a property dealer in Bhopal. All of them are double of my age.

In this journey what I concluded is that the nation is really lacking the good leadership. Its my pleasure that on one end I am reading the book “Ignited Minds” On other hand I am able to see the practicality of what all is conveyed by author in this book. All of them are very experienced and very knowledgeable personality. Don’t know why and how the discussion about the Developed India by 2020 is emerged among us. The communication starts with the train; most of them taking about the train about how well its maintained and its sharpness about the timings. (But like to tell you that the train is very sharp and on time if it travels from NZM to BPL while it usually late if u travel from Bhopal to Nizamuddin.) Why I am telling this because in a month I travel almost 4 times in this train to see my parents.

Most of our leaders are of 60+, which is the retirement age. What I analyzed is that although aged people have very good experience but some time this experience is …………. Because on one side they can use this enriched experience on the other side they have very negative approach this negative and lack of enthu and initiative is all because of experiences which they gained in their past. Among all of them I found very few having sprit and enthu to achieve targets including my father. Also they are very easily convinced by each other’s negative approach. But exceptions are everywhere one of such exceptions is Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam” president of India. Country need the enthusiasm to do things better in our leaders. Always aged and experienced people try to find out the impossibilities first as compare to possibilities.

I am not able to participate in their discussion because I am too young to say any thing to them. Most of us are dreaming about the developed nation (where we are living i.e. India). But unfortunately Mr. Sanjay has lots of contradiction about dream, which I am dreaming. What I say above is that they try to find out impossibilities first and so Sanjay too. What I feel is experience should provide us warning so that the mistakes, which we made earlier, should not be repeated again and there should be no glitches to our progress for future.

Most of the people criticize India because of corruption; I am not able to understand corruption comes and nourished by whom; its we who feed corruption. I am enclosing some of the examples of mime which will prove that we ourself only responsible to this. I am traveling to Bhopal to Collect PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) most of my seniors suggested me that I should give some gift (hopefully u understand) at passport office to get the PCC in a day or so. Unfortunately almost 3 to 4 peoples suggested me this and I am also convinced with them. But in train all theses discussion and the book “ Ignited Minds” changed my view hence I decided that I will firstly try to get it done my own because I didn’t see any complication in my case and hope that it could be done quite smoothly. Wonderful I got it without nourishing the corruption.

Another comments that Mr. Sanjay has raised are technology adoption by Indians. Like the mobile usage in India by every individuals including lower segments and the technology usage in the entertainment industry. He also says to me that my child will talk to me on mobile in spite of direct interaction. Reliance approach is to make things cheap and affordable so that every individual has mobile; His (Sanjay) slogan towards the Ambanis "Kar lo duniya mutthi mein" is "Kar do duniya mitti mein" he also seems very angry to technology because his elder son lost his 19 hrs work on the tele film editing because of hard disk crash. That is his view but like to convey him is that there is always two approach to see any thing. I am including my view.
Very recently on 18th March I visited a very ruler area of UP near Allahabad i.e. "Chakghat". 3 yrs ago seen their is like this On landline u will receive a call very rarely even today in some area the situation is same but because of the mobile technology they are also in position to be in touch to their dear one without traveling for 10 KM. In that ruler area people are blessing the Ambanis for making mobile available to even to rishka walas. Although I am leaving far from my parents but still I am in regular touch with my parents due to mobile what’s harm or wrong if I am taking to my parents on mobile.

My parents have their old house in a little ruler area so called “Jasra” near Allahabad. Three yrs earlier there is no way to communicate to my parents if they are going to visit their house but now although reception quality is very poor, and signal reception in our house of 30*110 foot is for only 3 foot on the roof but at least I am able to be talk to them conveniently. That’s true to communicate to me any message they have to reach in that small reception area but still at last able to be in my touch.

He is saying that his son lost his 19 hrs work due to hard disk crash. Is it technology problem? Definitely not! What I feel is that he has done the work of 100 hrs in Just 18 hrs because of new advanced technology. But its unfortunate that we Indians feel that we are masters in all field and without knowing in and out of any thing we feel that we are able to take best decision our own. Basically we Indians are Jack of all and master of none including me. I suggest him that if his son consulted some good system architect then he definitely suggests him to invest Rs6000/- more in his Rs80000/- investment so that the hard disk will be get mirrored and he will not loose his critical and important data due to some hardware failure.


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